Ilana Levine: Celebrating Women and Broadway with the Broadway Makers Alliance

Over a year ago, our original members met at BroadwayCon 2018. We bonded over our love of Broadway and the fact that we had all somehow taken this passion and turned it into a business.  We also talked about the challenges and struggles of running our own business and the loneliness of entrepreneurship. We shared a collective dream of a community. A community of people, doing what we were doing, that could help others.

8 months ago, July of 2018, we followed Lin’s advice “Make your own favorite thing”!  Our little group of 8 makers came together and formed the Broadway Makers Alliance.  We all hopped on a Zoom call, talked about our hopes and dreams, our struggles and strife in business land, and decided to create the community we’d been pining for, to support and foster Broadway adjacent businesses like ours.

7 months ago, Alisa dreamed a bit bigger and asked the group if we’d like to host a panel at BroadwayCon focused on Broadway Makers.  Of course, we said Heck, Yes!

6 months ago, we had our “debut” at Broadway Flea where we raised over $2000 for Broadway Cares Equity Fight’s Aid

And …

6 weeks ago at a little thing called BroadwayCon, the Broadway Makers Alliance hosted a panel featuring some of our member makers – who, unintentionally, all happened to be women.

Today – at the beginning of Women’s History Month, we are able to share it with you thanks to Ilana Levine and her phenomenal podcast, Little Known Facts(

Listen Here:


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