A Makers Gonna Make at BroadwayCon

BroadwayCon is the ultimate theatre lovers convention, held in New York City each year. This year brought no shortage of Broadway celebrities, makers, and fans. The community of theater lovers at BroadwayCon is a wonderful smattering of every child and adult who may have always felt somewhat, let’s say, “different” at home. This is where they come each year to find acceptance and a family they never know exists. From panelists to celebrities, to volunteers and makers, each person leaves with a sense of finding something new and exciting. Dare I say, at BroadwayCon, you will be found.

Between the continuous singing of kids throughout the weekend and the random celebrity sightings, or autograph sessions lie something equally as unique as the fans who attend BroadwayCon: the makers. These are the amazing people who come to the convention each year to sell their creative goods. These makers make unique Broadway-themed goods like pillows with your favorite lyric printed on the front, crocheted dolls of your favorite musical theatre character, or a scented candle based on your favorite show. Some even provide services like blogs and podcasts, or even Broadway walking tours.

When a Broadway fan sees their favorite Broadway quotes or characters uniquely crafted by these makers the fan has a moment that validates this “different”, maybe crazy, weird thing they love, theatre. The characters and lyrics they experience on the stage and on the cast album don’t just belong there. They can be everywhere that fan wants them to be like the doll, the pillow, or heck there’s even a Broadway-themed fitness video. All of the work of these creative makers pays off for the fan.  When the maker makes, they create a world that says we’re different too. We love this and we love you.

Check out some of our makers showing off their goods in this TheaterMania video below with Broadway’s Jenn Colella!

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